Activities are organized over the year to support special needs within Harmer House, such as the cost of operating and maintaining the Harmer House van and the Outreach program. Your support and assistance in these efforts are most welcome.

Charitable Donations
Special Gifts
This is a mechanism for donors to make gifts to respond to or address very special near-term needs or projects that cannot be accommodated within the normal budget period (e.g. emergency repairs to the Harmer House van).

Endowment Fund
This is a mechanism for donors to make gifts that accumulate as a permanent pool of capital, the yearly earnings from which will provide on-going predictable financial supplements to WNERP for desirable enhancements to the Harmer House complex. The Endowment Fund ‘has been in the capital accumulation mode, as the threshold for beginning yearly pay outs is $50,000. The fund is managed by a committee.

Volunteer Services
Throughout its history, Harmer House has developed with the sustained help of many volunteers, both internally and from the community. The warm, caring atmosphere of Harmer House is a reflection of the support given by many volunteers with varying interests. If you would like to volunteer or you know someone who might be interested in giving some time, the Administrator would welcome yours and their involvement.
Click here to apply for a volunteer position at Harmer House.

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